Hot News Stories (11/13/14)

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Chattanooga, TN)
Georgia city has made the anti-choice decision to keep family planning clinics that offer abortion services out of the city, because the mayor does not want the “drama” in their city-limits.

New York Times (New York, NY)
According to Nicholas Kristof, politicians are failing our teens: “This is also a tale of national irresponsibility and political irresponsibility — of us as a country failing our kids by refusing to invest in comprehensive sex education and birth control because we, too, don’t plan ahead. … American politicians, stuffed with sanctimony and enveloped in self-righteousness, don’t adequately invest at home or abroad in birth-control programs that would save the government money, chip away at poverty, reduce abortions and empower young people.”

Columbia Missourian (Columbia, MO)
Missouri, a state which a few months ago passed some of the strictest waiting period laws in the country, has a new anti-choice law on the table: medically unwarranted inspections of reproductive health clinics that offer abortion services.


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