Great opportunity for Pro-Choice Republican activists to be our guest to upcoming RMC event in NYC–claim your spot today!

RMC is hosting an outstanding panel of speakers for a post-election recap in New York City on Wednesday, November 19th– and one of our most generous donors just agreed to sponsor ten guest tickets for this exciting event.

Email with your name and address to take advantage of this chance. Don’t wait– time is running out! 
Click here for more info about the event.

This election brought major change– leaving us with many questions: What does it all mean for vital legislative issues? How did women fare in this cycle? Will the coalitions built to sweep Republicans into office hold? 
Come and hear the inside stories from the most hotly contested races! 

We will be joined by top consultants who played roles in key races from Colorado to Kansas. We will have experts on the gender gap and national pollsters who will break down the election outcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to dig deeper into the 2014 elections and hear what’s going to happen next.

Claim your ticket by emailing now!


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