RMC Intern Briana Featured on Fusion TV’s Alicia Mendez Tonight!

After reading the recent Cosmopolitan article, “Why these Pro-choice Republicans are sticking with their party,” the Fusion TV  team from Alicia Mendez Tonight invited former RMC intern Briana Burroughs and former President Bush speechwriter Elise Jordan for an in-depth conversation about what it means to be pro-choice and conservative.

Briana is a Yale Sophomore and member of the College Republicans and outspoken about how being pro-choice aligns with her conservative values.

“(After the Cosmopolitan article came out) a lot of people that I knew to be pro-life  reached out to me and they said, yeah I don’t think it’s the government’s business, the fact of the matter is that even the people that are identifying as pro-life they have pro-choice values.”

Click here to check out the full video



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