Get the Best Black Friday Deal!

If you want to make a real difference with your dollars this Black Friday– stay out of the mall and support RMC’s growing fellowship program instead. 

Last year RMC began the Dina Merrill Chair and Education fund to bring outstanding young Republicans and student leaders like Briana to Washington. Named for RMC Chair Emeritus, actress and philanthropist Dina Merrill, this fellowship program has allowed participants to gain sought-after Hill experience and access to influential leaders in Washington.

RMC’s fellows go on to do big things.

Recently RMC fellow Briana joined Fusion TV’s Alicia Mendez and former President Bush speechwriter Elise Jordan for an in-depth conversation about what it means to be pro-choice and conservative.  Click here to check out the full video.

From Briana, “For me, (working with RMC) is when my political identity completely changed, and I realized that pro-choice Republicans exist – like Senator Susan Collins, who is a role model to me – and that the people who represent me the most are pro-choice Republicans.” 

This video followed our recent in-depth interview in Cosmopolitan magazine.  Here, Briana joined RMC Board and state legislators to talk about the importance of speaking out as pro-choice Republicans. We need your support now to bring more young Republicans into the fold.

Through our fellowship program, our Focus 54 conference and rapidly growing social media base, RMC is a top Republican organization recruiting more young people to speak up for common sense policy and the big tent GOP

Please consider making a contribution today to allow RMC to continue to mobilize young mainstream Republicans. We are able to give students the kinds of experiences on Capitol Hill they can’t get at any other organization and bring a voice that is sadly missing in the GOP today!


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