Hot News Stories (12/1/2014)

In Forum (USA)
RMC ally, North Dakota State Representative Kathy Hawken writes, “As a Republican re-elected six times, I also know the conflicts created when divisive social issues drive the legislative agenda. For example, I have always supported issues like women’s reproductive rights… After all, personal freedom is one of the very principles this nation was founded on.”

Politico (Washington, DC)
Anti-choice victories in the statehouses and governor’s mansions that are priming the ground for another round of legal restrictions on abortion. Arkansas, for instance, already has strict anti-abortion laws. But with an anti-choice governor succeeding a Democrat who had vetoed two measures that would have banned most abortions beyond a certain stage of pregnancy, lawmakers plan to seek more restrictions.

Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA)

Abortion rates in the U.S. have declined by 13.9 percent in recent years, resulting in near-historic low levels, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Analysts attributed the drop in legal abortions provided by medical professionals to economic concerns spurred by the recession.


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