Hot News Stories (12/5/14)

RH Reality Check (USA)
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that an anti-choice, 2013 Indiana law that mandates all abortion clinics meet the same architectural requirements as stand-alone surgical clinics is unconstitutional.

Las Vegas Sun (Las Vegas, NV)
A Nevada teen fights for comprehensive sex-ed: “The numbers and the faces of this issue are being ignored. This isn’t about teen sex but teen health. According to the Southern Nevada Health District, in 2012, females ages 15-19 living in Clark County had sexually transmitted infection rates five times higher than adults. Nobody is more affected by this than youths.”  

KJZZ News (Tempe, AZ)
After a year of debate an Arizona community governing board passed a comprehensive sex-education curriculum Wednesday night. The program adopted is called the Family Health and Sexual Health Curriculum. The governing board approved a version of the program with adaptations to include differing opinions. Most of the disagreements were about when pregnancy begins and discussion on contraceptives and birth control.

Star Tribune (St. Joseph, MN)
A Minnesota employer has received a religious exemption to the federal mandate requiring birth control coverage in workplace health insurance, a case that stems from the Hobby Lobby ruling that weakened a key plank of Obamacare.


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