Hot News Stories (12/8/14)

Fox News (USA)
Although they already exempt from covering birth control under the federal health care law, anti-choice, faith-based nonprofit organizations in Colorado are in federal court Monday challenging the contraception mandate they say still compels them to violate their religious beliefs.

The Denver Post (Denver, CO)
Since 2009 Colorado has provided 30,000 intrauterine devices and hormone implants to women at low cost or for free at 68 health clinics resulting in a 40 percent drop in Colorado’s teen pregnancy rate. The Governor John Hickenlooper now seeks $50 million dollars to maintain the program, which was piloted with $25 million in private funds, a request that could be hung up by the anti-choice majorty in the Senate.

ABC News (USA)
Planned Parenthood on Friday dropped a federal lawsuit challenging a requirement in Kansas for abortion providers to have a link on their websites’ home pages to state materials about fetal development and terminating pregnancies.


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