Supreme Court Declines to Take Abortion Drug Position

This week the Supreme Court denied Arizona’s request to limit women’s access to proven safe drugs commonly used in early abortions.

The justices in an unsigned order dismissed an appeal bid from Arizona state lawyers, letting stand a lower court ruling blocking the anti-choice regulation from going into effect.

This is just another signal from the high court that they are not fully in support of new state-level restrictions on reproductive health services. 

Earlier this year, the court also blocked Texas from enforcing a new anti-choice law that would have required all family planning clinics that offer abortion services to subscribe to the standards of full-scale hospitals and surgical centers. Such unnecessary anti-choice regulations have closed down reproductive health clinics nationwide, and would have been devastating to Texas women, who already have limited access to family planning care.

Medical experts say Arizona’s existing standards for the drug in question are up-to-date, based on the latest available research. Arizona’s attempt to limit this drug was a targeted effort to restrict women’s access to abortion care.

Republican Majority for Choice’ Legal Team is in the process of working on similar cases across the country. The proliferation of medically unnecessary restrictions on women’s choices is harmful to all women and families. Support us with an end-of-year contribution today and help ensure this important work can move forward. 


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