Hot News Stories (12/18/14)

Politico (Washington, DC)
Yesterday the D.C. Council unanimously approved a provision that could require employers to cover FDA-approved contraception and abortion in their health care plans, with no exemption for religious organizations or religious business owners.

KDSK News (Jefferson City, MO)
An anti-choice Missouri lawmaker is under fire for his newly-introduced bill that would require written consent from the partner before a woman could get an abortion. The anti-choice lawmaker explained his position saying, “Just like any rape, you have to report it, and you have to prove it. So you couldn’t just go and say, ‘Oh yeah, I was raped,’ and get an abortion. It has to be a legitimate rape.”

The Chronicle (Madison, WI)
The Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing Wisconsin to obtain records related to a decision not to enforce the state’s contraceptive coverage law.


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