Today the 114th Congress is sworn into office and for the first time in eight years, Republicans control both Houses with a strong majority. In fact, according to Politico, the GOP hasn’t held such a commanding majority since 1928.

For mainstream, pro-choice Republicans, this new Congress will bring both increased opportunity and new obstacles.

At RMC, thanks to your support and contributions in 2014, we are not wasting any time. Our team is on Capitol Hill starting today and we are going to make sure Republican leaders know the importance of preventive health initiatives and the consequences of advancing dangerous anti-choice legislation.

But more importantly – these leaders need to hear from real Republicans across the country. This means you.

RMC has launched a new online Campaign for Common Ground that will bring your voices to Republican members, new and returning. Through a series of virtual lobby days including videos and social media efforts pushing our message nationwide, we are going to hold GOP members accountable and make sure new policies reflect real Republican principles of fiscal conservatism, small government and individual liberty.

For two long both parties have used women’s health issues as a political football. Enough is enough. 

THANKS to those who have already renewed your membership for 2015! We hope you’ll forward this information to your own contacts and help us grow the numbers of vocal pro-choice Republicans nationwide.

Support our #Campaign4CommonGround now – and let us be your voice in Washington!

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