Hot News Stories (1/6/2015)

Kenosha News (Kenosha, WI)
Births to teenage mothers are continuing to fall, reaching their lowest numbers in 10 years for parts of Wisconsin. According to data for 2013 from the Wisconsin Division of Health, 155 babies were born to mothers ages 19 or younger in 2013, the fourth straight year of declines.

Foster’s Daily Herald (Foster, CO)
In the latest religious challenge to the federal health care law, anti-choice organizations that object to covering fundamental preventive health care like birth control in their employee health plans argued in federal appeals court Monday that the government hasn’t gone far enough to ensure they don’t have to violate their beliefs.

The Times of Trenton (Trenton, NJ)
Last Election Day anti-choice extremist Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) was re-elected to represent his district and write laws in Washington, D.C., that reflect our values. Rep. Smith’s voting record on women’s issues is egregious. Now a non-partisan group in New Jersey is determined to do something about it.


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