Hot News Stories (1/7/2015)

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Anti-choice extremists in the House are renewing their effort to ban abortion after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy on the disputed premise that fetuses feel pain at that stage.

KUT News (Austin, TX)
The Texas Legislature made headlines in 2013 when it passed one of the most restrictive anti-choice bills in the country, Heading into the 2015 session, more restrictive bills related to abortion and family planning education have been filed.

Mass Live (Holyoke, MA)
Western Massachusetts is addressing the link between teen pregnancy and poverty. A key connection between poverty and teen-agers giving birth is choices, or more precisely the lack of perceived choices, that such young, poor people see available to them, said city and social service agency officials.

Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX)
Texas state lawyers and providers of reproductive health services including abortion will appear before the 5th Circuit today to debate whether abortion facilities should be required to meet the expensive standards of hospital-style surgical centers, a regulation that could force all but seven clinics in Texas to close. This is the second time this legislation has faced the New Orleans appeals court.


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