Hot News Stories (1/8/2015)

Washington Business Journal (Washington, DC)
Women in the District of Columbia will be able to get a year-long birth control prescription filled at once, rather than through monthly refills, if proposed legislation referred Tuesday to the D.C. Council’s Health and Human Services Committee gains traction.

Central Ohio News (Columbus, OH)
A group that identifies itself as pro-choice is suing to get any communications between Ohio Right to Life and the Department of Health, which regulates abortion clinics in Ohio and has closed down several of them. Cleveland lawyer Subodh Chabdra says it’s a routine records request. “There’s really nothing unusual about it at all, other than the fact that it would expect the degree to which the Department of Health is being unduly influenced by Ohio Right to Life.”

The Herald Sun (Durham, NC)
County Commissioners in North Carolina are mulling the idea of asking the N.C. General Assembly to repeal the state’s ban on making birth control available in the public schools, arguing that the ban leaves school-based health clinics at two Durham high schools unable “to fully meet the needs of their patients.”

Washington Times (Washington, DC)
A company in the Grand Rapids, Michigan  area is not required to provide employee health insurance for birth control as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision.


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