Our Advocacy is Working– Thanks to You!

Update: With the positive decision to table the abortion ban (H.R. 36), came increased pressure to pacify vocal anti-choice extremists resulting in the ultimate passage of H.R. 7, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”.  There is no immediate word on timing of anti-choice measures in the Senate but we pledge to bring your views and voice to the Hill – common ground and common sense must outweigh the single minded extremism on issues of health and privacy.

Your calls, your emails, your petitions worked! All month, we have been fighting to stop H.R. 36, an extreme abortion ban that included threats to jail physicians and narrow exceptions that would have required rape and incest victims to report their assault to law enforcement. Thanks to your support, a coalition of pro-choice, mixed choice and even anti-choice GOP members came together to stop this bill! We knew our pro-choice champions were going to stand strong against this dangerous ban, but as Republicans of all stripes started to speak out, it was clear they were listening to YOU. This is a victory that shows common sense can prevail in the new GOP House majority, with strong advocacy from Republicans like you. We thank you for joining with RMC in stopping this over-reaching legislation.

But this fight is not over.

On this 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, extreme members needed to pivot and pacify the very vocal anti-choice minority, and so they dug up another old piece of legislation, H.R. 7, to allow anti-choice members to voice their misleading claims on the House Floor. In order to have more victories like this, we need to be prepared for all attempts to put extremism over commonsense.

Make a contribution today to allow RMC to keep fighting for you. And stay tuned for actions you can take to join RMC in setting the record straight on HR 7. 



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