Hot News Stories (2/2/15)

Durango Herald (Denver, CO)
Pro-Choice Republican Rep. Don Coram of Montrose, Colorado is at odds with members of his own party after co-sponsoring a proven-effective measure that would fund long-acting contraceptives for low-income women.

Reuters (USA)
Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, unveiled plans on Saturday to ease a complete ban on abortions in the socially conservative South American country.

Kentucky News (Lexington, KY)
On Jan. 9, the Kentucky Senate passed Senate Bill 4 mandating an unnecessary counseling session between a woman and her physician 24 hours before an abortion. Kentucky law already requires a woman to receive state-directed counseling before an abortion, but this bill’s forced-delay requirement necessitates two separate trips to a health professional before the procedure is performed.

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)
Anti-choice activists are pushing to ban a safe and legal procedure used in about 8 percent of Kansas abortions.


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