Hot News Stories (2/5/15)

WDTV (Charleston, WV)
An extreme anti-choice abortion ban could gain traction in the West Virginia House of Delegates. The bill is similar to one vetoed by the anti-choce Governor last spring.

ABC News (USA)
A bill to further restrict abortion in Oklahoma and another to make embryonic stem cell research illegal both cleared a House committee on Wednesday, despite concerns from a doctor on the panel.

Ozarks First (Jefferson City, MO)
Missouri already has a so-called “informed consent” law that requires physicians to present patients seeking an abortion details of the procedure in written form, now if a new anti-choice law passes the state legislature, woman could also be required to watch an informational video.

The Independent Record (Helena, MT)
The Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday reversed a lower court decision and is allowing the state to defend the constitutionality of two anti-choice laws requiring the parents of a minor girl to be notified or consent in her obtaining an abortion.

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