Join RMC in saying Thank You to Republican State Representative Don Coram

Since 2009, Colorado’s privately funded state health initiative has led to a 40 percent drop in teen birth rates and millions of dollars in healthcare expenditure savings for the state. The Colorado Family Planning Initiative was initially funded with an anonymous grant – but now new support is needed.

Colorado lawmakers are fighting to renew this program for the next five years with common sense legislation that would provide $5 million from the state general fund.

Mainstream Republican, Colorado State Representative Don Coram is leading the fight to protect this program. “If we can do this, make lives better for these young people, save the state of Colorado millions of dollars and prevent abortions, tell me what’s wrong with that?” Coram asked.

Join RMC in thanking state Representative Coram for his efforts to advance this proven-effective program. He needs to know he has the support of Republicans nationwide. 

Before the program, the state ranked 29th-lowest in teen birth rates among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. By providing increased access to affordable contraceptives, the teen birth rate in Colorado has decreased drastically and the teen abortion rate has dropped by 35 percent.

In addition to dramatically improving the lives of underprivileged teenage girls in Colorado, the family planning program has saved $5.68 in Medicaid costs for the state for every dollar spent on contraceptives. In fact, in one year alone, the program saved the state $42.5 million in public funds. The numbers continue to prove that family planning services including comprehensive sex education and
access to contraceptives are a fiscally conservative approach to reducing teen pregnancy, and Representative Coram is proving that Republicans can take the lead on these issues. Say Thank You today!



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