Happy Valentine’s Day! Show Real Republicans Some Love!

Mainstream Republicans have a clear opening for common ground efforts to continue in the new GOP Congress. Your voices have never been more important. In this heated political climate, Republican leaders need to hear from Republican voters and we can only do this with your support.

There are three opportunities below to support real Republican issues and leaders.

Show Real Republicans some LOVE this holiday!

  1. Republican Majority for Choice is geared up to mobilize tens of thousands of pro-choice Republicans from across the country, to let GOP leaders know that pro-family planning policies lead to social AND economic improvements for women, families AND taxpayers. RMC is on the Hill every week pushing for a common sense, common ground position on reproductive health issues. We need your support.Watch and share our new video and support our #Campaign4CommonGround!
  2. On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, after weeks of working to defeat the HR 36 abortion ban, Republicans of all leanings and beliefs came together, united against this dangerous bill. Your calls, emails, petitions and support made a difference. 

    Join RMC in saying thank you to the GOP leaders who spoke out against extremist legislation that would do further harm to women, families and even rape survivors.

  3. A privately funded state health initiative in Colorado has led to a 40 percent drop in teen birth rates and millions of dollars in healthcare expenditure savings for the state. The Colorado Family Planning Initiative was initially funded with an anonymous grant – but now Republican Colorado State Representative Don Coram is fighting to renew this program for the next five years with common sense legislation that would provide $5 million from the state general fund.

    Join RMC in thanking state Representative Coram for his efforts to advance this proven-effective program. He needs to know he has the support of Republicans nationwide.


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