This just doesn’t make sense!

Today, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (S. 178) was hijacked in an attempt to restrict survivors access to abortion services. This bipartisan Senate legislation aimed to support human trafficking survivors by securing their access to important victim’s services. This legislation orders criminals convicted of sex trafficking to pay fines that are put into a fund to assist survivors. It is not a pool of government money. However, a provision added at the last minute would deny these victims of sex-trafficking from using the funds for the full range of reproductive health options, specifically targeting abortion.

Over half of the victims of human and sex trafficking are women and young girls. Like victims of rape and assault, these survivors need access to ALL of the reproductive health options available to them – and providers of survivor services should not be limited by the personal views of politicians.

RMC is reaching out to mainstream Republicans in the Senate to encourage them to oppose this unnecessary restriction. This bill is meant to increase survivors access to support, not put up road-blocks to their recovery. 

Support RMC with a contribution today – and help us continue to fight unnecessary attacks on choice!


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