Hot News Stories (3/13/15)

New York Times (New York, NY)
Senators on Thursday continued to struggle to come to terms with an unexpected impasse over a bipartisan human trafficking bill, with the sides refusing to yield their positions on a provision that would ban private money from a victims’ fund from being used for abortions.

Reuters (USA)
The Republican-led Iowa House voted on Thursday to require doctors to perform an ultrasound on any woman seeking an abortion and let her see the image and hear the fetus’ heartbeat.

Arizona Daily Star (Phoenix, AZ)
Arizona State lawmakers are moving to force doctors to lie to women and say their medical abortions can be reversed if they act quickly — a procedure that even its anti-choice proponents admit lacks medical proof.

Des Moines Register (Des Moines, IA)
The Iowa Supreme Court was asked Wednesday to determine whether state regulators were legitimately trying to protect patient safety when they ordered limits on a telemedicine abortion system, or whether they were just trying to restrict access to a legal medical service.

Arkansas News (Little Rock, AR)
A bill to place new unnecessary anti-choice restrictions on the administration of safe and commonly used abortion-inducing drugs cleared a Senate committee Wednesday.


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