Senator Collins Fights Anti-Choice Measure in Human Trafficking Bill

Despite opposition from both sides, Mainstream Republican Senator Susan Collins (ME) is working to salvage the Senate’s human trafficking bill – and show that with a little common sense Congress can actually get something done. Senator Collins announced plans this week to remove the anti-choice (and completely unnecessary) provision from the bipartisan omnibus human trafficking bill in order to move this important legislation forward.

The broad human trafficking bill currently contains an anti-choice provision that would target and restrict NON-taxpayer dollars from being used for abortion services – even for young girls who have been victims of human trafficking and rape. This has been just another example of anti-choice efforts to derail important legislation to forward a dangerous ideological agenda. Thankfully, there are commonsense leaders and pro-choice champions like Senator Susan Collins, who come to the table ready to get things done! With Senator Collin’s fix, the final bill would still be subject to federal standards on abortion funding – as all federal legislation is – but the anti-choice reference in the trafficking bill would be removed.


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