In Memory of Our Friend, Lynn S. Grefe, April 27, 1950 – April 28, 2015

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Lynn Grefe, the former Executive Director of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, the forerunner of the Republican  Majority for Choice.  Lynn had valiantly battled cancer for the past year and is survived by her sister, Sandy; her husband Rick Antosh; her children Nicole and Keith and two grandchildren.

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Dunedin, Florida, Lynn was a graduate of both Florida State University and the John Jay School of Criminal Justice. During her long, varied and distinguished career, Lynn worked in the field of Juvenile Justice, was an active and effective consultant in several national political campaigns, in 1995 was named Director of the New York Republican Family Committee which became the Republican Pro-Choice Alliance in 1997 and then merged with like-minded organizations in 1999 to form the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition. In 2005, Lynn became the National Director of the National Eating Disorders Association and successfully brought that organization into national prominence as an active and effective force in combating those life threatening illnesses.

Lynn’s career was marked by her unequivocal and inherent sense of fairness. Her passionate approach to each career challenge was always informed by a logic and sense of order that is all too rare.  Those that knew Lynn and were privileged to work with her were taken by her natural leadership, her zest for life, her humor and her inevitable creativity.  She was the driving force behind several pieces of life-changing legislation, understood the importance of strategic partnerships and approached each new problem as if it were the first day of school…with eager anticipation and assurance that a solution was not far down the road. Lynn was the glue that bound countless people of many political persuasions and personal beliefs together. She could always see the merit in differing opinions while valuing and respecting each exchange of ideas.  She honored us with her wisdom, delighted us with her quick smile and reminded us what a powerful force for good we all could be.

The RMC National Board of Directors and National staff offer heartfelt condolences to Lynn’s family and friends around the world. We have all lost a true friend in every sense of the word.

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