Massachusetts Governor proposes extra funding for contraceptive services

Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker is advancing a pro-choice initiative to increase women’s access to contraceptives.  After many lawsuits targeting the birth control benefit of the Affordable Care Act, Governor Baker is working towards fixing this issue for the women of Massachusetts. Initiative 1599-0321 would allocate $300,000 to create the Women’s Preventative Health Reserve, which would ensure the mandated coverage of preventative health services set forth by the Public Health Services Act. The money would only be used to cover the cost of contraceptive services aimed at birth control and not play any role in terminating pregnancy. It is important to note that there is an opt-out option for non-profit and for-profit religious groups.

This initiative was led by multiple Republican politicians including Representative Bradley Jones, Assistant Minority Leader Bradford Hill, Representative Todd Smola, and Representative Nicholas Boldyga. Their aim is to mitigate costs to women that work for businesses who do not cover women’s preventative services. Massachusetts has been providing universal coverage since 2006 and by adding this initiative to the 2016 budget “continues that leadership, ensuring that all women in Massachusetts have access to preventative health services.”

It is initiatives like these that aid in decreasing the rate of unintended pregnancies, saving taxpayer dollars and boosting the economy, and lowering the abortion rate.

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