Hots News Stories (8/4/15)

Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA)
A California state law, passed in 2013 with plans to be implemented in October, gives licensed pharmacists authorization to prescribe self-administered hormonal contraceptives, without the need for a patient to see a physician. A similar bill in Oregon was signed into law in July.

The Sun Herald (Dayton, OH)
Operators of a Dayton reproductive health clinic are again asking state health officials for an exception to anti-choice rules requiring it to have a patient-transfer agreement, a often used tactic targeting clinics that offer abortion services.

Western Slope News (Mesa County, CO)
A Colorado state program that helps reduce teen pregnancy was in jeopardy after funding for the initiative ended in June. Now to save the program, another anonymous donation in the millions has come into Colorado.

ABC News Local (USA)
Starting Friday, religious Wheaton College in Illinois will no longer provide health insurance to students because the school is opposed to the birth control coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act.


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