Hot News Stories (8/11/15)

Next year, the military will officially lift restrictions on women in combat, the end of a process that, according to the Government Accountability Office, may open up as many as 245,000 jobs that have been off-limits to women. But those who deploy overseas may continue to face obstacles in another area that can have a critical impact on their military experience: contraception.

KRBD (Ketchikan, AK)
Senator Murkowski is one of the few congressional Republicans to be publicly pro-choice, believing woman should be able to have abortions. Murkowski has come under scrutiny after a recent vote on a procedural measure aimed at defunding the non-profit Planned Parenthood. Murkowski says her vote was not to implement the defunding, but to get that legislation to the table so it could be worked on.

The Star Tribune (Oklahoma City, OK)
A judge struck down an Oklahoma law Monday that singled out abortion-inducing drugs for special restrictions, finding the rule is unconstitutional because it doesn’t apply to other kinds of medication.

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