Hot News Stories (9/17/15)

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Senate Republicans on Wednesday fast-tracked a House-passed bill that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks. That would mean that the Republican leader could tee up the abortion bill on Thursday, before the Senate leaves for the weekend, for a procedural vote early next week.

WSOCTV News(Charlotte, NC)
An overwhelming majority of the North Carolina state House voted Wednesday to allow more types of experts to expand the scope of sexual education materials in middle-school teachers can use to include. The chamber voted 110-2 on Wednesday for the bill, which would widen qualifications for curriculum about sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and sexual abuse. Sex trafficking prevention also would be a new program element.

CBS News Local (Lansing, MI)
New legislation being introduced in Lansing Wednesday would require Michigan schools that have sex education to teach about consent.  The bill would require school-sanctioned sexual education programs in Michigan to teach that sexual activity must be an “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement.” 

Philadelphia Business Journal (Philadelphia, PA)
The controversy over Planned Parenthood has led several Republicans to threaten a government shutdown if federal funding to the organization is not removed. But Rep. Charlie Dent is planning to offer what he views as a compromise measure.

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