Mainstream Republicans Fight for Family Planning

Rather than focusing on policies that will help put American families back on track, anti-choice members of the U.S. House of Representatives have once again shown how little they understand the economic impact of access to preventive health care. 

On Friday the House voted to block all federal funding for all Planned Parenthoods unless the reproductive health provider stops offering abortion services. It is already federal law that NO federal funds can be used for abortion so this cut would only effect the preventive health care for millions of families.

Mainstream Republicans fought back working to again bridge the gap between the extreme wings of both parties. 

Congressmen Charlie Dent (PA-15), Robert Dold (IL-10), and Richard Hanna (NY-22) understand the critical importance of reproductive healthcare for all women and families and voted to protect Planned Parenthood funding.

As Real Republicans, we know investing in family planning programs has social and economic benefits for all Americans. Just one dollar invested in contraceptive care saves over $7 in TAXPAYER dollars. It’s time for our political leaders to stop using women’s health to score political points and put families first. 

Said Congressman Hanna this week, “The American people are fed up with inaction and political theater. So am I. Washington needs to grow up, stop deceiving the American people and do its job.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Join RMC in saying thank you to these leaders. They need to hear from YOU.

Show your thanks on Twitter, share this message on Facebook or call the Congressmen personally today. They need to hear from you!

Thank you for voting against the House effort to Defund Planned Parenthood, and for recognizing that access to reproductive health care is fundamental to women’s lives and prosperity.

Representative Charlie Dent (202) 225-6411
Representative Bob Dold  (202) 225-4835
Representative Richard Hanna (202) 225-3665

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