#RealRepublicans Champion Choice on the Senate Floor

This morning, thanks to the efforts of mainstream Republicans, the Senate blocked HR 36, an extreme measure that would have outlawed abortions prior to viability, while placing intrusive and unnecessary restrictions on victims of rape and incest. With the help of mainstream Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Mark Kirk (IL), the procedural vote failed 54 to 42, falling short of the 60 vote threshold needed.

RMC continues to work with these leaders, challenging the almost daily attacks on reproductive healthcare. We need your help today. Whether it’s $25 or $250, make a contribution today to ensure pro-choice Republicans have the support they need.

Choice champion Senator Susan Collins spoke out against this bill on the Senate floor, calling on her colleagues in the GOP to stop criminalizing physicians and endangering the health of American women.   

“Under this bill, Mr. President, a doctor who performed such an abortion after 20 weeks to prevent grievous physical injury to the pregnant woman would be subject to criminal penalties of up to five years in prison.   Do we really want to make a criminal out of a physician who is trying to prevent a woman with preeclampsia from suffering damage to her kidneys or liver or having a stroke or seizures? 

Do we want the threat of prison for a doctor who knows that his pregnant patient needs chemotherapy or radiation treatments?

If a woman has the terrible misfortune to have a serious infection of the amniotic fluid that threatens her physical health and her ability to have children in the future, do we want her doctor to be unable to perform an abortion because he faces the prospect of years in prison if he terminates her pregnancy?”

While some anti-choice members of Congress are pushing to defund preventive family planning programs and threatening to shut down the government, RMC understands that medicine should be left to the medical professionals, and that women’s health and wellbeing should always come first.

This is the kind of common sense governing we want to see more of.

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