Hot News Stories (9/24/15)

Arkansas News (Little Rock, AR)
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said Wednesday she will petition the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a ruling by the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that an Arkansas law banning most abortions at 12 weeks or later into a pregnancy is unconstitutional. 

The Hill (Washington, DC)
Pope Francis made a “brief but symbolic” visit to a convent of nuns that has led the legal fight against ObamaCare’s birth control mandate. The pope’s support for Little Sisters of the Poor marks a major split from the Obama administration, which has for years fought off legal challenges to its signature healthcare law. Its birth control mandate has been one of the most divisive.

National Journal (USA)
Con­gress has only five days left to pass a budget be­fore the end of the fisc­al year, and fed­er­al fund­ing for Planned Par­ent­hood is cre­at­ing an obstacle on the floor.

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