Keep the Pressure on!

Your voice is being heard. Thanks to your calls, petitions, letters—  and even tweets— this week the Senate passed a budget bill free of any attacks on women’s reproductive health.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately (and we don’t blame you!) you might wonder what women’s health care has to do with the congressional budget. Well, Congress is desperate to agree on a budget bill by Midnight tonight in order to avert a government shut down. But, due to the recent controversy over sting videos attacking Planned Parenthood, some anti-choice members of Congress have been targeting federal funds for the preventive health services Planned Parenthood provides, and pushing for a government shutdown if they don’t get their way.

Real Republicans are fighting back. 

  • Thanks to your support, these extremist efforts were unsuccessful in the Senate and a clean budget passed.
  • Yesterday, mainstream Republicans in the House voted against an anti-choice bill that would have modified Medicaid regulations to purposefully exclude Planned Parenthood providers. In other words, forcing Americans who rely on these providers to find new doctors. Congressman Richard Hanna (NY-22) had this to say about this despicable bill:

    I oppose this legislation because it tells low-income and disabled New Yorkers that they can no longer see the doctor of their choosing.  If you like your doctor, you should be able to keep them.

  • Today, some of these same Republicans voted against an effort to sneak a defund measure back in to the House budget bill. 

These are mounting victories– but the fight is far from over. 

Even in the final hours, anti-choice members of the House pushed for ANOTHER vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Fortunately, a clean budget bill will go to the President to sign, and the doors of government will remain open, but we need to keep the pressure on. These extremists need to know these attacks are unacceptable.  

Make a contribution to RMC today to help us keep up these round-the-clock lobbying efforts. 

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