The Cost-Savings of Colorado’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

While anti-choice legislators consistently introduce legislation to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care including preventive family planning, at Republican Majority for Choice we know these anti-choice efforts often lead a higher incidence of unintended and teen pregnancy, fewer legal abortions, and more illegal, dangerous abortions.

The merits of fiscally responsible, pro-choice efforts are clear in a recent report out of Colorado. The state has been reporting on the incredible benefits of their recent teen pregnancy prevention program that offers birth control to low-income teen at little to no cost. The program led to dramatic drops in both the teen pregnancy rate and abortion rate between 2009 and 2014. The initiative administered IUDs, a form of long-acting reversible contraception, to patients and according to previous reports,  found a 40 percent drop in the teen birth rate with a 35 percent drop in the abortion rate. Now, a recent report from the Colorado health department shows that both rates dropped by 48 percent in that period! How could any anti-choice advocate be opposed to the abortion rate dropping by HALF in Colorado?

10.26.15 blogpostUnfortunately, anti-choice members of the Colorado state legislature are putting ideology before facts.  The program, originally funded by a $25 million private grant,  saved an estimated $79 million in Medicaid costs between 2010 and 2012 alone.  When funding ended in June 2015, anti-choice legislators in the Colorado Senate rejected a proposal to continue funding the program with only $5 million in state funding. How ridiculous is it that people who want to reduce abortion rates (and save taxpayer dollars) are opposed to funding a program like this? Clearly, there is a disconnect between the needs of American taxpayer and the ideology of anti-choice officials.

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