Hot News Stories (11/3/15)

RH Reality Check (USA
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has suspended abortion services at its Appleton North Health Center, leaving the state with three abortion providers, all located in Madison and Milwaukee.

Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
Trish Karter didn’t get an abortion because of an unwanted or unintended pregnancy. She got one after intentionally becoming pregnant, and so that one of the two twins she was carrying would have a chance to live. This is not the situation most people associate abortions with, but she shared the story to show the importance of allowing people to make these decisions for themselves.

HealthDay (USA)
Education adults, specifically parents, can be just as important as education teens on sexual activity. A new study has found that teens whose parents talk with them about sex are more likely to wait to have sex and to use birth control when they do.

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