Hot News Stories (11/13/15)

USA Today (USA) 
The U.S. Supreme Court may reenter the abortion debate as it decides whether or not to take up a case regarding medically unnecessary restrictions on women’s access to abortion, such as in Texas, where new restrictions threaten to close most of the remaining family planning clinics that offer this service. 

Colorado Independent (Colorado)
The state legislature in Colorado will begin evaluating whether or not to fund a largely successful teen pregnancy prevention program. The program reduced teen pregnancy rates by 50% before its initial funding expired and anti-choice legislators refused to provide public funds to continue it. 

WTVB News (McAllen, TX) 
Four years after cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood, the state of Texas says it has been able to rebuild its safety net, in what could be a model for anti-choice members of Congress who hope to defund the nation’s largest family planning provider at the national level. Independent health experts, however, dispute the claim, saying Texas still has a long way to go before it can provide the level of service it did when Planned Parenthood was an integral part of its family planning efforts.


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