Mississippi Clinic Goes the Extra Mile

We are always happy to share the amazing work and good news about family planning providers like the Jackson Mississippi Women’s Heath Organization.  In the face of constant attacks on the services they provide they continue to stay strong and go the extra mile to help women and families in the state of Mississippi and many others.  

This lone clinic is registering itself as an official health provider for insurance companies. It aims to be registered with Medicaid by the end of November and will be training its staff on administering various methods of contraception like the birth control pill and IUDs. It also plans to add additional insurance providers in order to assist even more women than it already does. With so many clinics in the the state closing, the doctors at the JWHO recognize the large void left behind when it comes to accessing affordable contraception in Mississippi.  After years of restrictions and intense regulation,  JWHO is now the only one family planning clinic that offers abortion in Mississippi amongst its many important services. 

Along with the various forms of contraception, the clinic hopes to provide large amounts of factual information to patients about contraception, pregnancy, and STIs. Highlighting the benefits of contraception and risks for STIs has been proven countless times to lower rates of teen and unintended pregnancy, STIs, and abortion. Keeping women safe and healthy goes beyond commonsense policy; it also saves millions of dollars in future medical costs. In 2010, one year of Medicaid-covered contraception costs $239 while a Medicaid-covered birth (including prenatal care, delivery, postpartum care, and infant care for one year) costs $12,770. That’s over fifty times more! Providing women access to affordable contraception is a fiscally responsibly path that the Jackson Women’s Health Organization recognizes and aims to follow through on and we thank them for their important work.

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