Not my GOP: Utah Senators Propose Anti-Choice Legislation

According to RH Reproductive Health, Two Utah Republicans, Senators Margaret Dayton and Curt Bramble, announced Wednesday that they will introduce bills in 2016 to strip Planned Parenthood of funding and outlaw certain abortion procedures. Senator Dayton noted that these measures would ban any facility that “promotes of provides abortions” from federal or state funding. Amidst these attempts, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah CEO Karrie Galloway stated that these measures are political ploys trying to score points at the expense of residents in Utah.

“The majority of voters nationwide, including 62 percent of Republicans, say that attempting to end safe and legal abortion before the point of viability is the wrong issue for state legislatures to be spending their time on,” Galloway said in a statement.

Following the release of edited videos of Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal tissue, Republicans have attempted to strip the organization of state and federal funding. Though investigations have found no evidence that the claims made in these videos are true and have discredited the organization, anti-choice extremists continue to latch on to these phenomena when driving measures that would inhibit choice and access to reproductive health.

As common-sense Republicans, it is imperative that we recognize the facts and ignore the fiction: promoting limited government intervention and maintaining our constitutional right to personal liberty remains at the forefront of our platform.

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