RMC’s Voice to be Heard by Supreme Court!

RMC needs your help to activate a common-sense Republican position in the upcoming Supreme Court deliberation!

While last night marked the final GOP debate of 2015, RMC’s work is ramping up with some very exciting efforts!  Our Judicial Watch Team is working hard to complete our first-ever amicus brief which will be submitted to the United States Supreme Court.

That’s right– RMC is leading the effort to ensure a common sense, true limited-government GOP position is included in the deliberation process of the highly-anticipated Supreme Court case regarding clinic access laws. This case, pertaining to Texas, is similar to laws being passed in multiple states across the nation.

As such, the outcome of this case will effect women and families across the country. RMC is standing up when many Republicans walk away.

Thanks to our work and our requests, we have secured the support of former Governors, Congresspeople, GOP leaders, Candidates and State elected leaders to join our briefs.

What we need now is YOUR HELP!

We are just $3900 away from reaching our budget to complete this project and fully promote the message, effort and importance widely.

We know many of you have already donated this year and we thank you! However, many more donors from years past have not yet supported RMC and our important work this year– let today be the day you renew your pledge as we stand up for issues that are really impacting the lives of millions.

Click here to donate TODAY!


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