Hot News Stories (1/13/16)

US News and World Report (USA)
On March 2, the Supreme Court will hear Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, its first abortion case in more than 20 years. The case looks at a 2013 Texas law that plaintiffs say gets in the way of a woman’s constitutional right to end a pregnancy. The court will decide whether the state’s rules place an “undue burden” on that right. RMC led the effort to submit an amici brief in this case. Joined by current and former elected officials from across the country, our brief outlined how this law is inconsistent with limited government and personal privacy. Please read more about the brief here.

Columbia Tribune (Columbia, MO)
Former University Hospital Chief of Staff Gordon Christensen of Columbia accused state lawmakers Tuesday of engaging in “political theater” on a bill adding new restrictions on doctors performing abortions and the disposal of fetal tissue.

The Examiner (Jackson County, MO).
A local state representative is a sponsoring a bill to ease access to birth control, a move some states have made and others are considering. Missouri legislators convened Wednesday for their regular 2016 session, and they are scheduled to wrap up in mid-May. Legislators have prefiled hundreds of bills, and the birth-control bill is one of a half dozen filed by Rep. Sheila Solon, R-Blue Springs.

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