Hot News Stories (1/14/16)

RH Reality Check (USA)
Public discourse around women’s reproductive health rights has shamed the medical procedure for decades. A new ad campaign from the nascent direct action group Reproaction is working to turn that stereotype around. With ads in the Hill-focused news site Politico, the organization aims to counter a tide of hate speech vilifying the procedure.

Politico (Washington, DC)
NARAL Pro-Choice America is going after longtime ally Nancy Pelosi for using rhetoric that it says is more line with opponents of abortion than its supporters. Pelosi said that she doesn’t believe in “abortion on demand” or that “abortion is a form of birth control” — two phases that abortion foes typically use to characterize abortion-rights supporters. NARAL objected to Pelosi merely repeating those phrases, even if she said she doesn’t agree with them.

The Bustle (USA)
Though Planned Parenthood is often used in the news as a euphemism for “abortion clinic,” abortion procedures make up only 3% of the organization’s healthcare services. Despite this fact, since Roe v. Wade in 1973, it has been a target for many outpourings of attacks, including pickets, bombings and arson. Since the 1990s, the violence has increased, culminating in a recent mass shootings at the Colorado Springs location. As the author states, “I never went to Planned Parenthood to terminate a pregnancy. That’s a decision that I never had to make — a fact not due to abstinence, but rather, due to Planned Parenthood’s family planning advice and services.”

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