Hot News Stories (2/1/16)

The Daily Nebraskan (Lincoln, NE)

The Nebraska State Capitol hosted the annual “Walk for Life” this past weekend, but pro-choice advocates also gathered in the area to fight for their freedoms. One pro-choice activist in attendance, Amanda Nichols, said, “We’re not anti-birth, we’re just pro-choice.”

The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, FL)
Anti-abortion forces in the Florida Legislature are advancing a handful of bills they say are aimed at protecting the health of women, but that opponents say aim to deny access to women’s reproductive health rights. A measure passed and signed by Gov. Rick Scott last year, requiring a 24-hour waiting period before obtaining an abortion, hasn’t yet taken effect because of a challenge in state courts.
SF Gate (San Francisco, CA)
An antiabortion activist, charged with committing crimes against Planned Parenthood in Texas, suffered another legal setback in San Francisco on Friday when a federal judge refused to let him disclose clandestinely made recordings of abortion providers in a filing with the U.S. Supreme Court.

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