Hot News Stories (2/8/16)

CBS News (USA)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Sunday that Marco Rubio’s attacks on her beliefs about abortion are “pathetic.” Rubio, the Florida senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said during Saturday night’s GOP debate that Democrats are the “extremists” on abortion and that Clinton supports the procedure “even on the due date of that unborn child.”

New York Times (New York, NY)

In a sharp rebuke, a federal judge on Friday issued a preliminary injunction ordering abortion opponents not to release videos they had secretly made at meetings of abortion providers, and he added that the opponents’ claims that such organizations were illegally selling fetal tissue were baseless.

Salon (USA)

With the issue of reproductive rights consistently being a major debate in the United States, it has barely come up during presidential candidate debates on either side, which has citizens wondering: why aren’t they talking about such an important health issue?

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