Not my GOP: Marco Rubio’s Extreme Stance on a Common-Sense Issue

Though the debate regarding women’s reproductive health rights continues to be an infrequent topic of discussion among presidential candidates, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has taken an extreme stance on the issue of abortion.

Noting his strict anti-choice beliefs, he is opposed to abortion in all cases except to save the mother’s life. This opposition includes exceptions for rape and incest– exceptions that even many anti-choice activists agree should be implemented. In case this extreme stance isn’t enough, other anti-choice Republican candidates have come out in disbelief regarding Rubio’s statements.

Jeb Bush and Chris Christie noted that his abortion beliefs are “scary,” and that his stance on the issue will cause both moderate and Democratic voters, particularly women, to shy away from the party entirely. Senator Lindsay Graham, a Bush supporter, explained to a CNN reporter:

“The most tragic thing in the world is for a woman to be raped, a child, a pregnancy caused by rape. I’m pro-life, but I can’t go there, I can’t tell that woman you gotta carry that child. That’s a sensitive issue, and I think in a general election that will be a hard sell.”

It’s hard to imagine a presidential candidate with such an extreme stance on this incredibly sensitive and highly important debate. As mainstream Republicans, we fight for personal liberties and limited government involvement. Marco Rubio’s stance on abortion is not only extreme, but also goes against everything Republicans stand for: the right to make their own choices without government intervention.

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