Hot News Stories (2/10/16)

The Miami Herald (Miami, FL)
The fate of a court order that blocked a mandatory waiting period for abortions is on the line as state appellate judges weigh it against strict privacy rules in the state Constitution. On Tuesday, lawyers for the state and Gainesville-based abortion clinic Bread and Roses Women’s Health Center argued their cases to a three-judge panel in the 1st District Court of Appeal. The judges will decide whether an injunction issued last summer will stay in effect or if it can be lifted, allowing the controversial waiting period law to go into effect.

The Nation (USA)
Republican presidential candidates Bush and Christie have started to attack Rubio for his extreme stances on women’s reproductive health rights, realizing that such strict anti-choice politics can be “toxic.”

Politico (Washington, DC)
Anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony List has just come out in support of NARAL, one of the largest pro-choice organizations in the nation on a topic both groups feel strongly about– a petition requesting that the hosts of Thursday night’s Democratic debate ask the candidates about abortion rights..

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