New Hampshire Roundup & an Interesting Twist for Mainstream Voters

The results of the New Hampshire primary are in. While Donald Trump held the first place spot, as expected, with 35%, Ohio Governor John Kasich’s solutions-focused message gained traction with more mainstream voters in the Granite State. As Kasich garnered 16% of the vote another Governor, Jeb Bush, also saw an uptick in support getting 12% of the vote. We also can’t help but notice Senator Marco Rubio, who shot up to third place in Iowa, had a backslide in New Hampshire as he came in below Bush and Texas Senator Ted Cruz (11.7%).  After Chris Christie’s attacks on his robotic, memorized speech in the last Republican debate, voters began to question if Rubio’s campaign was based more on rehearsed talking points than real ideas.
Another aspect of Rubio’s campaign that shows no coincidence in his poor showing is his extreme stance on women’s reproductive health rights. His stance that women should never have a choice– even in the cases of rape or incest– has caused numerous other GOP candidates and spotlight politicians to respond in disbelief. Bush, Christie, and Lindsay Graham have each individually called Rubio’s stance “scary” and “ineffective.” 
Holding such an extreme, heartless and unrealistic belief on women’s reproductive health rights only contributed to his lack of showing in the New Hampshire primary. Hopefully this obvious display of an unintelligent and ineffective solution to the choice debate will act as a springboard for other Republican candidates to take more mainstream approaches to this increasingly important issue.  We’d like to hear more about the candidates’ ideas and solutions in the reproductive health debate, rather than only talk of banning abortion. Discussions about ideas for ensuring access to family planning, contraception, better education and prevention information are of the utmost importance. 
A new twist in the presidential election sparking much excitement and discussion with mainstream voters is the news that former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is seriously considering entering the presidential race. Sensing the dismay of many center-right and center-left voters with a possible Trump v. Sanders match-up, Bloomberg reported he was looking at all options and stated, “I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters,” adding that the US public deserved “a lot better.”  Bloomberg is well-known as a pragmatist and fiscal conservative who holds a common sense, limited government approach to social issues, including support for personal freedom and choice on reproductive rights.  As CNN reported, Mayor Bloomberg would run as a moderate promising to bring compromise and business-savvy intelligence to an election characterized by highly-charged disputes and political partisanship. 

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