As Race Tightens, Votes will Shift

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former HP Executive Carly Fiorina have both suspended their 2016 presidential campaigns, and the GOP field is beginning to shrink. After careful consideration with his team in New Jersey and a loss in the New Hampshire primary, Christie determined that it was in his best interest to terminate his campaign efforts.

With the only available options of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio left, votes will begin to shift and the pace of the election will change. The New Hampshire primary results showed that Donald Trump won with about 35% of the state’s votes. However, as the number of candidates continues to decrease, more votes will become distributed differently across the board.

As the candidates pursue onward to South Carolina and Nevada, analysts predict that Trump may not do as well as other candidates in the south and midwest. Heading to South Carolina on February 20th, Jeb Bush supporters are banking on his momentum carrying him forward. As Kasich’s campaign worries about how he will perform in the south, Ted Cruz and Trump will continue to battle it out in Nevada.

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