Kasich: Misinterpreting what it means to care for women and families

As Republican presidential candidate John Kasich plans to terminate funding for Planned Parenthood in Ohio, mainstream Republicans are called to consider the what it means to truly support women and families. In Governor Kasich’s defunding plan are measures that would cut programs to prevent infant mortality and domestic violence prevention initiatives.

While he claims that this funding cut is to “ensure that public dollars are used to their best purpose,” shouldn’t we consider the negative implications these massive cuts would have on the women and families in Ohio? As common-sense conservatives, we seek limited government and a decrease in spending. However, if public dollars aren’t being used to protect the well-being of the state’s (or country’s) citizens, where should they instead be allocated?

According to RH Reality Check, “half of Ohio’s outpatient abortion clinics closed after the Governor signed a two-year budget bill in 2013 that included, among other anti-choice measures, stringent licensing regulations for clinics.” As we’ve seen in states like Texas, the number of births on Medicaid’s tab increased drastically after the defunding of Planned Parenthood. In terms of stability, this doesn’t seem like a sound way to help women, families or the economy. Reproductive health is a vital social and economic issue for families and for taxpayers– one that should be considered more seriously by presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle.

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