Hot News Stories (2/24/16)

News on 6 (Oklahoma City, OK)
The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that a state law that restricts the use of abortion-inducing drugs does not violate the state constitution. The law prohibits off-label use of abortion-inducing drugs by requiring doctors to administer them only in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocols.

The Guardian (Muskegon County, MI)
One women recounts her difficult experience and concern that abortion bans are being linked dangerous care of miscarriages at Catholic hospitals, “Catholic hospitals shouldn’t deny care to miscarrying mothers like me.”

The Washington Post (Washington, DC)
When the Supreme Court meets next week to hear its first abortion-related case in nearly a decade, the justices will consider a new anti-choice argument in their incremental approach to ending access to abortion –safety of women.

Bloomberg Business (USA)
The stigma around abortion continually prevents many nonprofits and clinics from performing many of the everyday transactions essential to businesses. Women’s reproductive health clinic owners have had trouble securing mortgages, medical insurance, contractors, and someone willing to deliver Band-Aids and bottles of water.

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