Potential SCOTUS Nominee: Mainstream, Pro-Choice Republican

This just in: the White House is vetting Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada for the United States Supreme Court. The Republican Governor is a former federal judge and law professor. Though this would be an unconventional pick for a Democratic administration, Sandoval has the legal scholarship and experience any President would seek for a SCOTUS vacancy. The White House notes this potential choice is not political, however, we can’t help but wonder if the Senate will allow this pick from President Obama and whether or not Democrats will back this choice.

Though Sandoval has yet to confirm whether or not he would accept a SCOTUS nomination, he noted the privilege of serving on the Court and called it the “essence of justice in this country.” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid came out in support of a Sandoval nomination Wednesday, saying that he’s been a good judge and good for the state of Nevada.

The most interesting aspect of this potential SCOTUS nomination is that Governor Sandoval is a solutions-first leader. He consistently represents commonsense, conservative viewpoints that the majority of the American people are looking for – this is a new twist worth watching!

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