A Proud Day for RMC!

What a proud day this has been. We only wish you could have been with RMC supporters, leadership and staff at the Supreme Court today. DSCN5311.jpg

As oral arguments were presented in the most important abortion related case in decades, hundreds of advocates rallied to show the broad bi-partisan support for access to family planning and safe, legal abortion.

RMC was front and center rallying the crowd and representing your voice!

Susan Bevan, our National Co-Chair, was a headline speaker at the press conference and rally. She brilliantly addressed the real Republican ideals of personal freedom and limiting government intrusion into personal medical decisions.

DSCN5323.jpgAs Susan said today “A basic American axiom is that our citizens have the right to be free from unwarranted government interference. Individual liberty was always thought to be central to the philosophy of the Republican Party. In fact, the 2012 Republican platform said:  “TRUST the people.  LIMIT government.”  These ideals cannot be applied in some instances and ignored in others.  They must extend to all policy areas, including social issues.”IMG_6081.jpg

Thank you to all who supported RMC with your donations and membership renewals. We could not have filed our amicus brief in this case or led our grass roots effort without you.


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