RMC Rallies at SCOTUS: Susan Bevan’s Remarks

Hello, I am Susan Bevan, National Co-Chair of the Republican Majority for Choice. I am a pro-choice Republican – and I am ALSO “pro-life” – having had children that I very much wanted. What I am NOT, is anti-choice, or merely pro-BIRTH. I am thrilled to follow my friend Richard Blumenthal, the Senator from my state of Connecticut – and equally pleased to be preceding Senator Patty Murray, a Senator from the beautiful state where I was raised, the “other” Washington.

My Co-Chair, Candy Straight, and I were joined by twenty current and former Republican officeholders in filing our amicus brief. The officeholders who joined us have, combined, served more than 250 years in office and have dedicated their careers to protecting their constituents’ personal freedoms.  For over twenty-five years, Republican Majority for Choice has supported pro-choice Republican candidates, worked with pro-choice Republican legislators and fought for the real Republican ideal of a small, less burdensome government that trusts its people to decide what is best for them. RMC urges Republican leaders to look forward – to learn the facts and focus on SOLUTIONS, not obstructions or reversals.

A basic American axiom is that our citizens have the right to be free from unwarranted government interference. Individual liberty was always thought to be central to the philosophy of the Republican Party. In fact, the 2012 Republican platform said:  “TRUST the people.  LIMIT government.”  These ideals cannot be applied in some instances and ignored in others.  They must extend to all policy areas, including social issues.

There is no doubt – abortion is controversial and divisive – an issue where people of good conscience disagree. Nonetheless, Government must protect this right and cannot mandate a singular “moral” code or particular set of religious beliefs.  No matter how deeply legislators hold those individual views, their position does not grant them license to impose their beliefs upon American citizens.  Facts matter – and laws matter.

An ideologically motivated legislation such as HB2 designed to deny a woman’s right to choose is antithetical to the core American philosophy that only through small, less-intrusive government will ALL individual rights be honored and preserved.

No matter what your politics are, we must respect constitutional rights and settled law.  Thank you.

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