Think reproductive choices are safe? Think Again…

Is the right to choose really in jeopardy?
RMC hears that question a lot and the answer is YES.

In states across the nation legislatures are working to take control of reproductive health decisions. Sadly, most of these efforts are led by single issue Republicans who have forgotten the core GOP value of protecting personal freedom.

This is why it is so important to have REPUBLICAN voices speak out against this steady effort to eliminate reproductive choices.

Look at these stories just from today’s headlines.

Florida: Tampa Bay Times: Senate Poised To Vote On Abortion Restrictions
Georgia: AP (GA): House Panel OKs Grant Program For Anti-Abortion Facilities
Indianapolis: Indianapolis Star: Indiana Bill Limits Women’s Reasons For Abortion
Kansas: AP: A Kansas Senate Committee Has Voted To Permanently Divert Federal Family Planning Funding From Clinics Who Provide Abortion In Addition to Preventive Care like Cancer Screenings and Birth Control
Kentucky: Care2: Kentucky Governor Is Targeting Abortion Clinics – and He’s Succeeding
Louisiana: RH Reality Check: Louisiana GOP Focuses on Anti-Choice Measures Amid Budget Crisis
Missouri: AP: Missouri House Limits Funding For MU, Planned Parenthood
Oklahoma: KFOR: Oklahoma Bill Proposes Abortion Providers Face Murder Charges
South Carolina: AP: SC Senate Approves Bill Banning Abortion Past 19 Weeks
Tennessee: Tennessean: Tennessee Bill Would Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks
Texas: Healthcare Daily: Texas Walks Away From Findings In Controversial Planned Parenthood Access Study
Utah: FOX13 Governor Says He’s On ‘Solid Footing’ Over Cutting Money To Planned Parenthood
Virginia: Capital News Service: Bill to defund Planned Parenthood passes House and Senate

States have enacted 288 restrictions on abortion since 2010. In fact, just in 2015, 17 states enacted 57 new anti-choice laws.

Common sense mainstream Republicans, like the tens of thousands for RMC supporters, must mobilize and say enough is enough – we are REAL republicans who put individual freedom first.

This is happening NOW in states across the country and pro-choice Republicans need to be louder, stronger and stand together to tell lawmakers to get back to the business of governing and OUT of the business of controlling the medical decisions of American families.

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